What if...

One company could understand your facility's food processing needs and keep an eye on profitable business growth? ...we do!

Mallot Creek Group offers integrated consulting services focused exclusively on the food and beverage industries. We live, breathe, and eat, food! Where some consultants might occasionally take on food industry projects, this is our playground and we understand how it works.

From real world experience, we have assisted clients with an array of business development, food safety and engineering projects. In fact, you won’t find any other consulting company in North America that can help build your plant and give you advice on how to make money running it.

Why choose Mallot Creek?

  • Over 200 years of combined experience in the food and beverage industries
  • Managed countless large and small engineering projects across North America and internationally
  • In-depth knowledge of manufacturing equipment and access to a global array of equipment suppliers
  • Coordinated the development and launch of hundreds of consumer food products
  • Facilitated numerous strategic workshops
  • Vast network of industry oriented resources
  • Market Research
  • Product Development
  • Retail Intelligence
  • Process Design
  • Marketing Expertise
  • Food Safety

How can we help you today?

Let us help you with any food industry related challenge. Ask us a question and one of our experts will be happy to assist you...