Continuous Improvement Partnership (CIP)


The Continuous Improvement Partnership (CIP) process is designed to allow all participants, including suppliers, manufacturers and customers the ability to evaluate targeted products and processes and identify and set targets for improvement. This might include aspects such as least cost formulation, process streamlining, packaging, margin improvement, delivery, quality targets, international best practices and customer service. CIP uses a team approach to evaluate processes with a defined continuous improvement strategy.

Unique Selling Points

  • Defined Continuous Improvement Partnership process
  • Mallot Creek has both the process design and engineering expertise in developing process improvement and yield efficiencies for a variety of food and beverage processing facilities
  • Solidification of a supplier-vendor partnership for increased profitability
  • Defined Process Control Points to set priorities, goals and timelines
  • Yield efficiency

Key Deliverables

  • Defined Continuous Improvement Partnership process
  • Identification of processing norms
  • Identify needs of supplier-vendor relationship
  • Develop and design customized process with identified Process Control Points
  • Validation and benchmarking at each Process Control Point
  • Develop new process plan
  • Evaluation

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