Continuous Improvement Partnership (CIP)

In the initial stages of the process improvement partnership, Mallot Creek conducts a comprehensive analysis of your production environment and identifies target areas for improvement. From this analysis, recommendations are made in the form of formally written project request submissions to be reviewed by the project’s steering team (a team composed of key individuals from your organization). Improvement recommendations may surround the adoption of suitable automation technology, employee management strategies or scheduling tools, but will ultimately be dictated by project goals. Once projects are approved, the partnership will progress into an implementation phase which may include equipment procurement, production model development, ongoing performance monitoring, etc.

Mallot Creek subscribes to a process improvement methodology that seeks to maintain successful production processes and improve those that inhibit project goals. Thus, methods manifest in two different spheres: management and improvement.

Unique Selling Points

  • Mallot Creek has both the process design and engineering expertise in developing process improvement and yield efficiencies for a variety of food and beverage processing facilities
  • Yield efficiency
  • Labour Reduction

Key Deliverables

  • Defined process control points to set priorities, goals and timelines
  • Identification of processing norms
  • Production process evaluation
  • Development and design ofcustomized processes with identified Process Control Points
  • Validation and benchmarking at each Process Control Point
  • Employee management strategies
  • Production scheduling tools

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