Package and label development

An effective food product package/label must accomplish the following objectives:
  1. Protect the integrity of the product from external elements while maximizing its shelf life
  2. Provide convenience in distribution, handling, stacking, merchandising, use and reuse
  3. Communicate important information regarding ingredients, nutrition, allergens, expiration dates, cooking instructions, etc.
  4. Comply with all official regulations of the jurisdiction where the product is sold (CFIA/USDA)
  5. Differentiate itself in a sea of competitors through the use of unique and attractive shapes, materials, images, colours and even promotions
Mallot Creek’s extensive experience in developing food and beverage products has allowed us to create a rigorous process which ensures that our clients’ products meet all of these objectives before they’re introduced to the market.

Unique Selling Points

  • Profound knowledge of the food industry competitive landscape and access to market research and industry experts to provide feedback
  • Customized approach to achieve your goals within your budget
  • Our academically qualified food safety specialists are familiar with regulatory requirements and keep abreast of updates on an ongoing basis. Our operational experience incorporates theoretically correct solutions that account for day to day realities.
  • Combination of strategic brand/product development expertise with creative talent

Key Deliverables

  • Identify unique selling points of client’s products
  • Review of competing products, their unique selling points and related price points
  • Recommendations for product names and descriptor statements based on trademark availability, unique selling points and competitive landscape
  • Development of multiple packaging and creative options
  • Packaging translation
  • Packaging review to ensure regulatory compliance
  • If required, coordinate third-party vendors to ensure project success (translators, food labs, food photographers and stylists, etc.)

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