Strategic business workshops


The strategic business workshop assists clients in identifying the steps needed to reach both short and long term business goals. The strategic workshop can be used for business growth, marketing positioning and is often used for new product development. Emphasis is placed on understanding the company’s strategic vision to build a relevant and profitable plan. Key areas covered within the workshop include:

  • Company Vision
  • Category and Opportunity Review
  • Competitor Analysis and Product Positioning
  • Sales Plan (overall objective, unique selling points, target market, and strategies)
  • Financial Analysis and Costing
  • Marketing and Product Launch Considerations

Unique Selling Points

  • Mallot Creek’s food and beverage industry experience has helped companies develop operationally focused plans for actionable results
  • Customized agenda and process to achieve your business goals
  • The strategic business workshop allows you to focus on strengths, along with an understanding of the marketplace, to improve your competitive advantage
  • Experienced food-focused facilitators will use various tools to help you to concentrate on key issues in the retail and food service environment and provide operationally executable recommendations

Key Deliverables

  • One day workshop with experienced industry oriented facilitators
  • Workshop organization, preparation and follow up for all participants
  • Vision statement
  • Category/Sector Review highlighting current market and consumer trends
  • Competitive Analysis and Opportunity Review
  • SWOT Analysis and Target Market Profile
  • Product Positioning Statement including unique selling points
  • One Hour Marketing Plan
  • Detailed Action Plan including timelines, task responsibilities and related budget

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