CFIA/USDA process management


Mallot Creek recognizes the important role that regulatory food environments play in protecting public safety, promoting health, and supporting industry competitiveness. Canadian/American producers and food processors must consider regulatory environments when making decisions on investment, product development, and marketing. From the farmer’s gate to the consumer’s plate, Mallot Creek works with the CFIA/USDA to secure public health and safeguard production and supply. Through its cooperative structure with food safety authorities, Mallot Creek helps maintain the Canadian/American reputable standards of high quality facilities and products.

Unique Selling Points

  • Effective regulatory framework with the CFIA/USDA
  • Risk management analysis and forecasting
  • Experience retrofitting safety initiatives
  • Effluent treatment that meets and exceeds modern standards

Key Deliverables

Mallot Creek will:

  • Obtain Municipal, Provincial/State and Federal approvals
  • From food processing facility design to regulatory requirements, both federal (CFIA and FDA/USDA) and provincial, including applications for registration and operation

  • Collaborate with the CFIA/USDA to deliver inspection and compliance with federal acts and regulations
  • Secure public health and safeguard the food processing and supply
  • Enhance Feed Ban Compliance for Specified Risk Material (SRM)

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