Construction management


Our Construction Management service is designed to ensure efficiently conducted, top of the line, construction work with as little stress on our client as possible. We provide an onsite Field Engineer to perform regular inspections and resolve any issues that may arise. Beyond inspection, our staff will maintain a key managerial role: organizing construction progress meetings, preparing progress reports, and prioritizing tasks.

Unique Selling Points

  • Construction is overseen by qualified specialists with extensive engineering expertise to ensure quality
  • Efficiently managed construction work
  • Onsite management to secure quick problem resolution

Key Deliverables

Mallot Creek will:

  • Provide onsite services as a Field Engineer to respond quickly to issues that arise on a daily basis, 5 days per week
  • Perform regular inspections to ensure quality compliance
  • Organize and attend scheduled construction progress meetings with general contractor, sub-contractors, client representatives and other stakeholders on a regular basis at the site as required
  • Prepare meeting minutes and progress reports on a regular basis and circulate to all stakeholders
  • Drive schedule adherence through daily reminders of priorities and with on site problem solving
  • Flag issues to stakeholders when risks to schedule, cost, or quality arise

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