Operating efficiency analysis


Our approach to Efficiency Analysis streamlines comprehensive and competently managed solutions with a focus on client ownership. We assist our clients to a point where they feel comfortable independently operating the enhancements we’ve set in place. Mallot Creek’s analysis includes distribution, material handling, inventory management, systems integration, and process improvements.

Unique Selling Points

  • Facility assessments to determine the best alternatives for investment
  • Customized management systems for each project in order to meet specific needs
  • Knowledgeable insight to the Supply Chain Management
  • Projects are chartered through to commissioning and closeout
  • Experience conducting technical assessments for over 300 Free Standing meat plants in North America

Key Deliverables

Mallot Creek will:

  • Analyze and evaluate market opportunities
  • Execute detailed feasibility studies
  • Construct economic scenario models
  • Write comprehensive business plans
  • Act as “Engineer of Record”
  • Provide Energy Conservation including Energy Audits, Energy Management and LEED Certification for a complete package alternative

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