Plant and facility evaluation


Mallot Creek’s Plant and Facility Evaluation is conducted in two parts: Facility Technical Assessment and Facility Review.

We base our Facility Technical Assessment on our customer’s specific operational needs and the applicable Standards of Compliance– whether they are municipal, provincial, or federal. Our customer’s template is used to compare the current status of the facility to the given Standards of Compliance. After preliminary comparisons, we conduct a site visit which is typically led by a HACCP Project Manager and a group of Engineers. During the site visit, deficiencies are recorded on the template and used to develop a facility foot print.

Our Facility Review takes place at the same time as the Technical Assessment and is used to address areas of priority with regards to non-compliance. Priority settings are mainly focused around food safety issues that must be considered. A cost assessment is provided in order to address areas of non-compliance. This cost assessment is presented along with prioritized recommendations which reflect the cost/benefit of correcting areas of non-compliance in a staged implementation plan.

Unique Selling Points

  • Onsite Food Safety and Engineering expertise
  • Identification of deficiencies and non-compliances
  • Prioritization of tasks
  • Customized solutions

Key Deliverables

Mallot Creek will:

Facility Technical Assessment

  • Identify areas of non-compliance/deficiencies based on the Standards of Compliance
  • Determine the seriousness of identified deficiencies and the relative cost to resolve
  • Provide a report of suggestions based on findings

Facility Review

  • Identify more urgent areas that need to be addressed as well as provide a prioritized list which will include:
    • Detailed Cost Assessment (equipment, machinery, mechanical, electrical, facility, and processing)
    • Staged Implementation Plan and Options

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