Confident Cuisine™

Confident Cuisine™ is a customized food safety assurance program designed for foodservice and retail preparation areas and is based on:

  • Mallot Creek’s unique 5 pillars of food safety (facility, suppliers, receiving and storage, personnel, production and preparation, and sanitation and waste handling)
  • Employee food safety empowerment through training and the ability to take direct action to make corrections as required
  • Workplace culture and management commitment for on-going support of food safety practices for customer safety
  • A strong branded marketing program for customer communication

Unique Selling Points

  • On-site customized program developed specifically to strengthen and ensure a food safe environment for your customers
  • Team building is the focus of employee training. Employees are empowered to make good food safety decisions every day with management’s support
  • Confident Cuisine™ incorporates a branded marketing program so you can communicate to customers that you maintain a high level of food safety protocols
  • Development of a supportive workplace culture that builds pride and responsibility among your employees

Key Deliverables

The Confident Cuisine™ program includes:

  • Food Safety Program Development and implementation materials
  • Employee and management training
  • Marketing materials
  • 5 Pillars compliance report card and plan
  • Confident Cuisine™ Launch Event
  • Footprint of existing layout

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