Food safety program maintenance

Mallot Creek can help maintain your HACCP (FSEP), GFSI (BRC, SQF, FSSC22000, IFSPacSecure, etc) or Third Party (Organic, Gluten Free, Halal/Kosher, etc.) program in lieu of, or in conjunction with, a dedicated staff member. This can include dealing with recalls, CARs and NCFs as they arise.

Unique Selling Points

  • Mallot Creek’s Food Safety expertise includes academically qualified specialists who have extensive industrial and in-plant operational experience
  • Increased flexibility to re-allocate staffing and ease work load demands
  • External support of your program at a fixed cost to save you money
  • Expert operation and maintenance of your Food Safety Management system

Key Deliverables

  • Pre-assessment of adherence to Food Safety and Quality programs and protocols and assess current level of operational control (GAP Assessments)
  • An off-site, secure and confidential mirror of your written Food Safety and Quality / Regulatory Compliance program and records
  • Scheduled facility visits to perform Food Safety program related tasks and program operation & maintenance
  • On-going completion of any required updates to the written program due to regulatory or facility process changes
  • On-site training of management team and production employees on your Food Safety program requirements
  • As-needed assistance to deal with recalls, CARs, NCFs
  • Mallot Creek Group can be your liaison between the CFIA, GFSI auditors and certification bodies, accredited laboratories and customers
  • Audit preparation and attendance (optional)

CAN-TRAC Technologies...Your Partner in Traceability

To support your food safety program and fulfill your traceability and recall capability requirements, Mallot Creek refers clients to the expertise of Can-Trac Technologies. Can-Trac is focused on providing a complete solution to your traceability, process control, labelling software and hardware needs. The service is completely customized to address your facility needs and builds upon your current system. Traceability and recall / withdrawal protocols are a requirement of GFSI schemes such as BRC and SQF. It is also a regulatory requirement for CFIA FSEP programs for federally registered facilities. Regardless, traceability can enhance your facility operations and provide your customers with a superior level of food safety confidence. For more details regarding Can-Trac’s services please visit:

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