SFCA Program Development

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency is unveiling a new initiative known as the Safe Food for Canadians Act that focuses on commitment to strengthening Canada’s commitment to a world-class food safety system. This act and its regulations will affect food businesses involved in:

  • Importing food
  • Manufacturing, processing, treating, preserving, grading, packaging, or labelling food for export or trade across provinces
  • Exporting food that requires an export certificate—even if you are not involved in its preparation
  • Slaughtering food animals where the meat product is exported or traded across provinces; or
  • Storing and handling a meat product in its imported condition, if a further inspection is needed

What does this mean for you?

As a food business falling under the scope of the SFCA, you must respect three key principles:

  • Licensing – to know who is involved in preparing food, what they are producing, and communicate directly with these businesses to share important information
  • Preventive food safety controls – to ensure all businesses preparing, importing, or exporting food understand and control the potential hazards associated with their products and processes by having, where applicable, a written preventive control plan
  • Traceability – to trace a food one step forward and one step back so that unsafe food can be removed quickly from the market

What can Mallot Creek do for you?

Mallot Creek provides full FSCA certifiable food safety program implementation including:

  • Program written design (including food safety controls and traceability programs)
  • Operational expertise to ease implementation of program
  • Employee training
  • Licensing assistance

Unique Selling Points

  • Mallot Creek’s Food Safety expertise includes academically qualified specialists who have extensive industrial and in-plant operational experience
  • Our experts are familiar with all regulatory and program requirements and keep abreast of updates on an ongoing basis to allow for cost effective and efficient recommendations regarding compliance
  • Experienced in customized and streamlined program design to address your unique operational requirements
  • Our customized employee training assistance helps systematically implement each program task and to ensure solid learning
  • On-site presence during licensing and certification to support your team and follow up work to ensure recommended adjustments are completed

Key Deliverables

  • Comprehensive, compliant food safety programs that are operationally executable and meet regulatory requirements
  • Employee training information including templates and other instructional materials
  • Follow up regarding certification priorities

How can we help you today?

Let us help you with any food industry related challenge. Ask us a question and one of our experts will be happy to assist you...