BRC Consulting

BRC Program Development for Food and Packaging Manufacturers

Mallot Creek’s food safety team assists food and packaging manufacturing companies in achieving BRC certification. Our team guides manufacturers through the BRC certification process.


What is BRC?


BRCGS (Brand Reputation Compliance Global Standards), formerly known as BRC (British Retail Consortium) include a global food safety initiative benchmarked food safety management scheme and packaging code. This food safety management scheme is aimed to harmonize food and product safety standards across the supply chain. BRC certification is optional, but offers many benefits to food and packaging manufacturers, retailers, and customers.

What are the benefits of becoming BRC certified?

  1. BRC Certification is internationally recognized
  2. Audit’s are performed by third-party certification bodies, providing credibility
  3. BRC certification allows for the use of BRC logos to support company marketing
  4. BRC is comprehensive, covering safety, quality, and more
  5. Proves you as a supplier are following proper food safety practices
  6. Allows companies to exhibit compliance through announced or unannounced audits
  7. Reduces the need for retailers and customers to follow up audit reports

How do I achieve BRC Certification?

Below are the six general steps to BRC certification:

  1. Learn your chosen BRC Global Standard – Mallot Creek provides documentation to assist with the understanding of the requirements and intent of the sections of your chosen code.
  2. Review your current operations versus your chosen standard – Perform a self-assessment GAP analysis to understand any standards that are currently missing or inadequate.
  3. Prepare for implementation – Confirm site is capable of meeting BRC standards by performing internal audits.
  4. Plan for implementation – select a certification body; have an optional pre-assessment performed and make any corrections identified
  5. Audit and certification- Arrange an audit visit from your certification body. After audit, carry out corrective actions. Certification body decides upon certification.
  6. Prepare – Continue to meet certification requirements and continual improvements.

Self-Assessment GAP Analysis

The BRC certification process requires a GAP analysis to understand missing or inadequate standards. Our team conducts in-depth assessments of current processes to help food manufacturers understand changes that need to be implemented in order to meet the BRC standard.


BRC Training


Mallot Creek offers BRC specific training as part of our customized food safety training services. This in-depth custom training ensures all employees have appropriate understanding of food safety systems and procedures required to properly implement your programs and pass BRC audits.

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    BRC Audit Attendance

    Our food safety team will attend your BRC audit to aid and advise your food safety and QA managers throughout the process.

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      Program Maintenance (Internal Audits)


      Once certification has been obtained, our team helps food and packaging manufacturers to continually meet certification requirements and improve their process. This program maintenance is completed through on-site visits and reviews of food safety documentation delivered via internal audits.

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