Food Facility Design

Facility design is critical to new food processing plant builds or renovations. Systematic food safe layouts and flows ensure that new or renovated buildings comply with regulatory requirements, HACCP or GFSI standards, as well as optimize the production efficiency. Our team regularly designs plant schematics and flow diagrams for inclusion in HACCP plans. Working together with our engineering team, we also create site designs, and advise on the layout of machinery and production lines based on food safety program and regulatory compliance.

    Plant Schematics and Flow Diagrams

    As a common component of HACCP plans and PCPs, our team works to create plant schematics and flow diagrams. These drawings are also created for use in GFSI (SQF or BRC) food safety plans if a facility is implementing one of these voluntary programs. Our team is able to create these diagrams as part of a full program development package based on the certification of choice, or as an on-demand service.

    ”Food Facility Design

    New and Retrofit Food Facility Design


    Our team works with food manufacturers to design food safe layouts for new or retrofitted buildings. Experienced in the needs of manufacturers from various food sectors such as meat, seafood, dairy, bakery, and produce, Mallot Creek works to ensure each new build or retrofit is optimized for both food safety and efficiency.

    Engineering and Construction Management

    Our food safety team often assists with food facility engineering projects. Mallot Creek’s engineers and food safety team work together to ensure the design of facilities include proper flows, layouts and finishes that are correct for specific processes and regulations. We also handle or assist with the sites government licensing process. In summary, we work to ensure that the design phase allows regulatory compliance but also considers possible future expansions and additional certifications.

    Food Facility Design

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