Engineering Services

Whether you are building a new food manufacturing facility or expanding your current facility, our specialized engineering department has the experience to help. Managers from our Architectural, Civil, Mechanical, and Electrical teams assist you from project concept through completion, generating plans and submitting documents necessary for federal, provincial, and local approval. Browse our various Engineering services below to learn more.

Feasibility Studies

Mallot Creek is able to perform a variety of Feasibility Studies which allow stakeholders to make well informed decisions when developing new processes and facilities, or expanding and modifying current operations.  Each study addresses different criteria in order to provide the information that is most relevant to the restructuring or expansion your company is undergoing.

Site Search and Evaluation
    • Examination of Municipalities/Economic Development Departments within a predetermined geographic radius to determine site availability to accommodate desired site and meet building criteria
    • Examination of real estate market to determine the availability and cost of suitable developed sites and buildings
    • Comparison of municipalities regarding labour availability and cost, utility costs, development charges, permitting fees, as well as project specific criteria
Operating Efficiency Analysis
    • Facility assessments to determine best investment options for optimizing current operations and product flows
    • Knowledge of current trends and advancements in the industry to better provide multiple alternatives to address client needs
    • Customized management systems for each project tailored to meet client specific needs
Plant and Facility Evaluation
    • Engineering and Food Safety Specialists will visit facility to address any obstacles the client will face in order to meet acceptable Standards of Compliance including Municipal, Provincial, and/or Federal regulations
    • Report identifying corrective actions for key deficiencies and non-compliances regarding current product flow and procedural operations
    • Creation of preliminary building modification plans complete with a cost assessment to assist client’s decision making process

Architectural Design

Our Architectural Team offers several years of combined experience designing a variety of food manufacturing, storage, and distribution facilities.  We will collaborate with our clients to achieve a building layout best suited to their operation, and generate drawing packages to be submitted for Building Permit, Tender, Construction, or as part of a Request For Proposal.

Architectural Services
    • Project Managers and Architectural Technologists work cohesively with clients from concept to completion
    • Site Measure existing facility and/or process equipment for an accurate representation of current environment involved in renovations
    • Generate 2D schematics or 3D building model using latest CAD and BIM software
    • “Live CAD” sessions performed with client either in person or via webcast to modify facility and process layouts in real time
    • Building Code Review of proposed layout to ensure facility will comply with local regulations
    • Coordinate with in-house Food Safety Experts to ensure the proposed facility and process meets desired regulations, HACCP compliance and GFSI standards
    • Assist clients in selection of material finishes and colour schemes
    • Assist Project Managers with Shop Drawing review process
    • Site visits during construction phase to ensure contractors adhere to design

Civil and Environmental Engineering

Our Civil Engineering Department will work with local Municipalities and Surveyors as well as our own Architectural and Mechanical Engineering Departments to develop a Civil & Site Development Design and Drawing Package that will address any site alterations and services required to accommodate a new or renovated facility.

We are also able to provide in-house Environmental Engineering services by performing an analysis of the facilities Air Quality Emissions and Noise & Vibration levels, including preparation of Environmental Compliance Applications (ECA) as required by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change.


Civil Engineering Services
    • Design and generate site, grading, and servicing plans complete with construction details and specifications
    • Ensure civil design conforms to Provincial regulations as well as local by-laws and design guidelines
    • Provide a Storm Water Management Report for submission to local Municipality
Environmental Engineering Services
    • State of the art software to generate Air Quality Emissions models and Noise & Vibration assessments
    • Develop reports required to obtain an Environmental Compliance Approval (ECA)

Mechanical Engineering

The most demanding elements of any food production facility are the mechanical services and systems required to operate the clients’ processes and buildings.  Mallot Creek’s Mechanical Engineering Department has extensive knowledge and experience in designing a wide range of systems for products including raw and processed meat, carbonated beverages, dairy products, and baked goods, each having their own list of challenges.

Mechanical Engineering Services
    • Storm/ Sanitary Plumbing and Drainage
    • Domestic and Process Piping (Cold Water, Hot Water, Steam, Natural Gas, Compressed Air)
    • Boiler Steam/Condensate System Sizing and Design
    • Hydronic Heating Systems
    • Chilled Water Systems
    • HVAC Design: ASHRAE & NFPA Compliant Office, Laboratory, and Process Area HVAC Systems including VAV and VRF Systems
    • Humidity and Condensation Control
    • Process & Building Refrigeration
    • Grease Interception & Process Effluent Treatment Systems
    • RO/Soft/UV Water Systems
    • Biofilters & Odour Abatement Systems

Additional Mechanical Engineering Services include:

    • 2D schematics or 3D models of Mechanical Systems using the latest CAD and BIM software
    • Specialized material selection of Mechanical Components to suit client specific products and processes
    • Contractor selection and Tender Bid reviews
    • Site visits during construction phase to ensure contractors adhere to engineered design
    • Air and Condensation Studies
    • Troubleshoot existing Mechanical Systems
    • Consultation services and Peer Review for designs from alternate engineering firms

Electrical Engineering

An often overlooked but vital element to any Agri-Food facility is the electrical lighting and power systems needed to keep a facility and its operations running in a cost effective and efficient manner.  Mallot Creek’s Electrical Engineering department offers essential services that facilitate both building and process operations, allowing Plant Managers and Maintenance staff to effectively maintain their facility while simultaneously reducing operational costs.  Mallot Creek also provides Pre-Start Health and Safety Reviews (PSR’s) for new and existing equipment as required by The Ministry of Labour to help ensure that your processes are running as safely as possible.

Electrical Engineering Services
    • Design and generate site, grading, and servicing plans complete with construction details and specifications
    • Interior and exterior site lighting layouts and fixture selection to suit varying facility environments
    • Integrated Lighting Controls, Energy Management solutions, LED/energy efficiency retrofit Feasibility Studies
    • Photometric analysis and modeling of Building and Site Lighting
    • Coordinate with local utilities to provide required services to new site or upgrade existing service
    • Complete design of Power Distribution system including high voltage services,  emergency generator and backup systems
    • Procurement and pre-tender for larger capital equipment with long deliverable lead times. (i.e. transformers and switchgears)
    • Short Circuit and Protective Device Coordination Studies (PDC)
    • Ground Grid Studies (GS)
    • Load Flow and ARC Flash Analysis (AFS)
    • Process Equipment Automation and Integration Designs (PLC, HMI, SCADA)
    • Energy Audit and Incentive Rebate Coordination
    • PSR Assessments and Reports

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