Project: Food Labelling and Specification sheet Reviews

Food Safety Labelling Review
Location: Completed remotely
Project Length: 9+ Months

Mallot Creek’s five person food safety team collaborated with a client who is an online grocer and home meal provider. The client was striving to expand their capacity to launch private label food products but lack of in-house food safety and labelling resources was creating restrictions in their project’s timeline.

How did our team review these food labels and specification sheets?

Mallot Creek’s Food Safety team developed a multi-step internal review process to efficiently tackle the numerous product specification sheets assigned on a weekly basis. Our team communicated with suppliers to gather key information missing from the spec sheets, ensuring the clients private label products would comply with the SFCR and FDR labelling guidelines. Using this collected information, Mallot Creek’s Food Safety team developed copy deck documents to constructively outline all labelling requirements for each unique food product. The copy deck documents acted as a blueprint for the client’s graphic design team and allowed them to confidently create labels that met industry standards. Once these labels were designed, Mallot Creek’s Food Safety team cross-checked the spec sheet and copy deck to the label for any discrepancies. The extensive label review process had to accommodate the aspects of creating a visually appealing food label while ensuring all key elements of a food label were included. Mallot Creek continuously worked to develop each individual label until both the client and the supplier were satisfied, and all industry standards were met.

How did Mallot Creek Communicate with Everyone Involved?

This entire project was completed remotely. Mallot Creek utilized the client’s internal project management software to collaborate fluently with members of their company from all over Canada. Our Food Safety Team met virtually with the client’s regulatory managers on a weekly basis offering industry consulting and clarification with any product specific questions.