Project: Value-Added Meat Processor Standard Work Development

Location: Etobicoke, ON
Services Provided: Standard Work Development
Project Duration: 5 Months

Following a process assessment, MCG recommended that this value-added meat processor develop two key pieces of standard work to aid in the management of their production processes: Production Playbooks and Employee Work Instructions. In the weeks that followed, MCG led the client’s operations staff through the development of ~35 production playbooks and ~25 work instructions. These documents are used by management staff to ensure processes are consistent, controlled and most importantly, yield the same high-quality product, in the most efficient fashion, every time!

Beyond production efficiencies, standard work documentation, such as above, is often required by third party food safety/quality assurance bodies (such as BRC and SFQ). So, if you are considering certification through these world class programs, standard work development is an important step on the path to success.

Standard Word Development
Standard Word Development