Project: Vegan Cheese Maker Kaizen Event

Location: London, Ontario, Canada
Services Provided: Process Assessment/Kaizen Event
Project Duration: 2 Months

This vegan cheese maker was undergoing unprecedented growth in sales and as a result needed to unlock some hidden production volume without major capital investment.  Through capacity modelling, process flow diagrams and process mapping, MCG led the client to a prioritized list of potential improvement projects. The assessment successfully identified gaps and bottlenecks in production, both process and personnel related, that could inform future decisions to improve plant efficiency through better material handling practices and adjustments to product flow.

While a host of constraints were identified, there was one process the client agreed was particularly limiting to their throughput. To address that issue, MCG collaborated on a 3-day kaizen (improvement) event to drive to the root-cause of the problem and implement* solutions. After the event, the client saw a +15% increase in throughput of that process. Other deliverables of the assessment included: process maps, process flow diagrams, production layout drawings, and an interactive capacity model.

*That’s right, a kaizen event “blitzes” the problem at hand. The improvement group implements their proposed solutions within the event itself.

Process Assessment Kaizen
Process Assessment Kaizen