Market research

Market research is essential to the success of a new product launch or understanding the environment to support an existing product or new business. In our experience, market research for the food industry has evolved remarkably as technology has made available resources that may have been cost prohibitive in the past. What is required, however, is the ability to put this information into the context of your business and market that you are interested in targeting. We work exclusively in the food and beverage industries and understand food processing as well as the marketplace on a regional, national and international scope to assist you with current, relevant information.

Unique Selling Points

  • Food processing facility and processing expertise
  • Extensive in-house database of information and understanding of the food and beverage industry
  • Customized approach to achieve your goals within your budget
  • • Ability to manage all aspects of the research from recruiting, facilitation, execution and reporting using traditional methods (i.e. in-store intercept, focus groups) as well as development of advisory groups and on-line research using social media
  • Ability to assess the research into actionable recommendations
  • Ability to access industry experts to vet results and provide suggestions

Key Deliverables

  • Strategic discussion regarding the goals and objectives of the research required in terms of business relevance
  • Recommendation regarding research methodology
  • Manage all aspects of market research execution from recruitment of target audience, questionnaire or survey development, facilitation, data management and assessment, reporting and recommendations

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