Feasibility Studies


Mallot Creek is able to perform a variety of Feasibility Studies that will allow stakeholders to make well informed decisions when developing new processes and facilities, or expanding and modifying current operations.  Each study addresses different criteria in order to provide the information that is most relevant to the restructuring or expansion your company is undergoing.

Site Search and Evaluation

  • Examination of Municipalities/Economic Development Departments within a predetermined geographic radius to determine site availability to accommodate desired site and meet building criteria
  • Examination of real estate market within the acceptable geographic radius to determine the availability and cost of suitable developed sites and buildings
  • Comparison of municipalities regarding labour availability and cost, utility costs, development charges, permitting fees, as well as project specific criteria


Operating Efficiency Analysis

  • Facility assessments to determine best investment options for optimizing current operations and product flows
  • Knowledge of current trends and advancements in the industry to better provide multiple alternatives to address client needs
  • Customized management systems for each project tailored to meet client specific needs


Plant and Facility Evaluation

  • Engineering and Food Safety Specialists will visit facility to address any obstacles the client will face in order to meet acceptable Standards of Compliance including Municipal, Provincial, and/or Federal regulations
  • Report identifying corrective actions for key deficiencies and non-compliances regarding current product flow and procedural operations
  • Creation of preliminary building modification plans complete with a cost assessment to assist client’s decision making process

Key Deliverables

Mallot Creek will provide a comprehensive report for each study performed outlining influencing factors that are likely to have an impact on planning and development.

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