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Food Waste - Apples Spilling

Reducing Food Waste: 4 Ways Manufacturers Can Help

As prices and supply chains continue to reel in the aftermath of recent disruptions to our global food system, food security has become a reinvigorated topic of public conversation. An important part of that conversation is the problem of food waste – food that’s...
Blockchain in Agri-food

5 Ways Blockchain Decentralization will Improve Agri-Food

As the world becomes more connected through the Internet of Things (IoT), a significant gap has formed in how data is managed, verified, and stored. Poised to fill this gap is the adoption of blockchain technology. Using a blockchain to hold data that otherwise would...
Marketing Claims on Food Labels

Marketing Claims You Can Make on a Food Label

Have you ever wondered what marketing claims you are allowed to include on your food label? What are the rules regarding what you can and cannot say about your product? Follow along for a few helpful tips and guidelines on how you can highlight the impressive elements...

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