Using a Drone to Document Food Facility Construction Progress

Mar 4, 2021 | Blog

Mallot Creek Purchased a Drone!

In early 2020, Mallot Creek purchased a drone. This purchase is exciting as it allows our company to improve the way we document the construction progress of our engineering projects. Our new DJI Drone allows us to take photos and videos from up to 400 feet in the air, making even the largest food processing facilities easy to photograph and document. One of our most recent drone flights took place at the new Venetian Meats salami facility in Stoney Creek, Ontario. Here we were able to document both exterior and interior construction progress.

A short drone video taken at the new Venetian Meats facility in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada.

Can I Schedule Mallot Creek to Fly the Drone at My Food Facility?

Yes! We will be happy to schedule a drone flight at your food facility. Once in contact, our licensed drone operator will note the areas of your facility that you would like filmed and photographed. A complete pre-flight site review will be conducted to ensure your facility is located in unrestricted airspace, and to ensure our operator is aware of any potential flight hazards.

On the day of the flight our operator will meet with you to review safety procedures before take-off.


Mallot Creek’s new drone at a construction site.

How Mallot Creek Shares the Media

The 4K camera on our drone allows us to get sweeping video of outside walls and overhead shots of a client’s property. Flying the drone indoors also allows for wide camera angles close to the ceiling – something that would normally need a ladder, crane, or other specialized equipment.

These amazing videos are mainly used to document and share construction progress with our engineers and clients, but if permission is granted, we will also share videos on our LinkedIn page and in our quarterly newsletter.

Using a Drone To Document Facility Construction Progress

Food facility under construction. Interior picture taken with our new drone.

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